Do you know using dirty water can cause:

Unsafe water can cause internal and external problems. Diseases like typhoid, Dysentery, Jaundice and cholera can play havoc with ones system. Other physical damages may include loss of hair, skin discolouration and roughness

Health Benefits While Using Silver Stream Water Purifier :

A Silver Stream Reserve Osmosis (RO) System uses a special semi permeable TFC membrane Filter. TFC / Thin Film Composite Filters reject a higher percentage of all dissolved solids including Sodium, the smallest of molecules.

The Unit changes Normal Tap water into Fine Quality Drinking Water.

The greatest advantage of our silver stream unit is that no harmful chemicals are carried over to the final water.

A Silver Stream Reverse Osmosis System provides an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water and portable water free of harmful chemical and pathogens.

Silver Stream RO water certified as

  • Baby safe
  • Ideal for Pregnant Women
  • Ideally suited for Aged people
  • Recommended for sports and fitness
  • Diuretic (Detoxifies the Kidneys)
  • Nutritive (Rapid Fluid Replenishment)
  • Good for Ophthalmology (Skin and Facial Care)
  • An Excellent Hair care product

    (indicated for growth and maintenance of hair. Provides shine)

  • Essential for pharmaceutical industry
  • Apt for the food industry
  • Good for Dental hygiene

    (Brushing of teeth with RO water keeps you and your gums healthy and you can also avoid water borne diseases which can be acquired during brushing gargling)

    The best solution for Internal Care :

    By removing lead, Bacteria, Cysts and Organic chemicals you minimize the risk of Cancer, Anemia, Kidney Damage and High Blood Pressure.

    Domestic Benefits :

  • Healthy Body makes a Bright Mind
  • Less Detergent usage
  • Eliminates rusting to large extent
  • Sea water or feed water tds upto 35,000 ppm and above
  • Standard models between 500 lph to 50000 lph available on request
  • Mineral water processing machine :
  • Bottle Water Processing Machine :

    Canadian Clear Commercial RO Systems :

    Our commercial Canadian Clear RO systems are designed for brackish water applications where high output is required, such as water bottling plants, domestic, industrial use, real estate developments etc., These units include state of the art reverse osmosis technology, that allows fully automatic operation.

    High Output Commercial RO Equipment :

    These systems are designed for any application that requires high output reverse osmosis equipment. We can also customize these units as per the feed water parameters, whether it be Bore Well or brackish Water.

    Our Canadian Clear plants are equipped with large commercial type sediment filter to remove suspended solids down to 5 micron in size. Other standard components include centrifugal high pressure pumps. TFC membranes, full instrumentation, high pressure regulation valve, analogue water quality meter, and built in membrane cleaning and preservation system.

    All of the components are of the highest quality, and arranged on a single compact frame, for maximum utilization of space. The Canadian Clear equipments can be custom designed to work with feedwater that contains up to 12,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids.

    What is Reverse Osmosis?

    Osmosis allows a living cell to select only the correct minerals needed to sustain existence while rejecting of those minerals which would be harmful.A Canadian Clear Reverse Osmosis System provides an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water free of harmful chemical.

    A Canadian Clear reverse osmosis system works much the same way. It uses a special semi-permeable TFC membrane filter. TFC, or thin film composite filters reject a higher percentage of all dissolved solids, including sodium, the smallest of molecules. The unit changes normal tap water into fine Quality drinking water. It is important to note that no chemicals are used anywhere in the entire process.