Canadian Clear FeedBack

  • NAME:Alex
  • DATE:12-04-2010
  • LOCATION:Bangalore

I am Alex, living in Bangalore. In my area the available water is very salty and having lot of impurities and it is unsuitable for drinking purpose. I have purchased new Blue RO Plant from M/s. Shivsu Canadian Clear International Limited and now this RO plant is giving us excellent pure water and it is enough for my entire family. All my family members are enjoying the taste of pure Water and we are also using it in my kitchen needs also.

  • NAME:Harissha
  • DATE:11-05-2011
  • LOCATION:Mumbai

Hi I am Harissha from mumbai. Using this water for washing purpose is very difficult as washing soaps does not give required froth and does not remove the stains even though hard washing is carried out. Hence, I have looked out for a solution. I came to know that softener supplied by M/s. Shivsu Canadian Clear Waters Ltd., is giving good performance and solves this problem. I have purchased a 2000 lph Softener for my residence use, which is giving soft water and now our hard water problem and Washing problem is solved .

  • NAME:Anamika
  • DATE:05-06-2012
  • LOCATION:Chennai

Hello, I am Anamika. I am doing a small Battery Service business in Earlier I used to buy Distilled Water for Batteries, which is become costlier now a days. The high cost of Distilled water worried me and to make economic demineraised water I have decided to own a D.M. Plant, which would also help me in my business. I have been referred by my friends to purchase Demineraliser plant from Shvisu Canadian Clear, to get good quality Demineralised water. I have purchased 2000 lph capacity D.M. Plant which is giving very good output and I am using the D.M. Water for my needs and it is very economical too. NAME:DATE: LOCATION:NEW DELHIHi I am Dhanyaa. I am living in NEW DELHI. In my area water is abundantly available from near by river. However, the river water contains lot of impurities and we cannot consume and use it. I have been looking for a suitable treatment system to solve this problem. On going through several pamphlets and recommendations from my well wishers, I have purchased a 3000 lph Water Treatment Plant from Shivsu Canadian Clear. This Water Treatment Plant having Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter combined with RO Plant. This plant working beautifully and giving excellent performance and now we are enjoying the best purified water and it is meeting the needs of entire family.