Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

1. Sets up and operates blow molding machine to mold plastic products according to specifications: Turns valves to start flow of water and release air pressure to machine.
2. Moves machine controls to set timing unit and temperature of heating unit and start automatic feed mechanism.
3. Adjusts machine mandrel and aligns mandrel with mold chamber, using wrenches.
4. Starts molding machine that automatically feeds material from mixing unit to mandrel and to mold chamber.
5. Closes chamber to mold product under heat and pressure.
6. Removes workpiece from mold after timing device opens mold, and trims excess material from workpiece, using knife or bandsaw.
7. Regrinds excess material and unsatisfactory workpiece for reuse, using grinding machine.
8. May weigh completed workpiece to determine accuracy of machine operation.

Bottle Blowing Machine Operator (Plastics) feeds thermo -plastics material into hopper and operates buttons and levers of bottle blowing machine to extrude tube like material and pumps air to shape it into form of mould. Weighs and mixes pelletized, granular, or powdered thermoplastic materials and colouring pigments in tumbling machine according to formula; installs dies, machine screws, sizing rings, using handtools; and couples hose to die holder to circulate steam, water, air or oil to die; fills machine hopper with mixed materials or stuffs rolls of plastic dough into machine cylinders; starts machine and sets controls to regulate vacuum, air pressure, sizing rings and temperature; depresses lever of machine and ensures that parison tube reaches entire length of mould or die; cuts ends of tube with scissors near nozzle and blows air into mould by operating pump; opens moulds and removes finished article. Repeats process.

Plan and organize assigned work and detect & resolve issues during execution. Demonstrate possible solutions and agree tasks within the team. Communicate with required clarity and understand technical English. Sensitive to environment, self-learning and productivity.

Canadian Clear offer Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine for the on the go market with very high output rates for single served PET bottles.

It improves productivity helps to reduce operating cost. It is suitable for fillers or blowers with high production requirement. Inspired by the SSB series, cialis sale the SS20-40 series is suitable for the onthe go market with very high output rates for single-sreved PET bottles. It improved productivity helps to reduce operating costs. The machine can be used in the diverse applications such as for all food and non-food liquid PET packaging : still or sparkling water, juices , milk or other dairy products, sauces or detergents. From the preform loading to bottle blowing and ejection, all the steps in the process are automatic and without the touch of human hands.