Glass Bottle Washer

Automatic Bottle Washer - SRM 130/140/150 ( GERMAN TECHNOLOGY )

A wide range of models
Universal Application in bottling plants
Outputs from 60 - 350 BPM
Efficient Cleaning and Sterilization of bottles
ECO - Friendly
Suitable for bottle up to 1 liter size
Complete romoval of Lables and foils
Low Maintenance cost

Automatic Bottle Washer - SRM 130/140/150 Automatic Bottle Washing Machines are designed for high output and for cleaning very dirty bottles with labels and foils. It has 3 to 4 multi soak tanks for intensive soak of the bottles and spraying inside, outside with high pressure sprays. The movement of the main carrier chain is continuous, giving high spraying and soaking times. The in-feed of bottles is with automatic auto-loader and out-feed by CAM system.

The machine is suitable for bottles up to 1 liter size Steam and Water consumption is kept minimum by means of Energy regeneration and water recycling at every stage, resulting in a very energy and eco-friendly machine. Cleaning in Place (CIP) is incorporated in fresh water zone for cleaning and disinfection. Automatic Caustic measuring and dosing device will be incorporated as optional.

Salient Features

Advanced loading/unloading system
Multiple Soak Tanks
Higher Treatment Times
Efficient Label and Foil Seperation System
Automatic Lye Measurement and Dosing (Optional)
Hydrogen Gas Extractors (Optional)
100% condensate recovery system
Continues drive system with multiple drive chain
Moving Sprays System
Low steam consumption
Fully Automatic Electrical Panel and Operator Panel with digital readouts
Variable speed control
Low maintenance, Easy Service
Bottle Feed Mechanism
Pre-Soak at 300C
Pre-Spray at 400C
Lye Flushing for Removal of dirts and labels
Main Caustic Soak at 650C
Lye Flushing for removal of dirts and labels
Lye Flushing for removal of dirts and labels
Label removal System
Caustic lye spary at 800C
Pre-filling and flushing of bottles with Lye
Caustic Lye soak at 650C
External flushing of bottles with Lye
Pre-Filling and flushing of bottles with Lye*
Caustic lye soak at 500C*
External flushing of bottles with Lye*
High pressure internal and external spray at 400C
High pressure internal and external spray at 300C
Fresh water internal spray
Fresh water external spray
CIP Disinfection spray (optional)
Bottle discharge mechanism

*Not applicable for SRM 130